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Latisse San Francisco

What is Latisse®?

Latisse® is the first FDA approved medication used for lengthening eyelashes and is available by prescription only. The active ingredient is 0.03% bimatoprost. Latisse® is safe and effective; it has been shown to result in longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

How does Latisse® work?

The active ingredient is bimatoprost, which has been used by ophthalmologists for the treatment of elevated eye pressure in patients with glaucoma. Doctors noticed that the same patients treated with this medication developed longer, thicker eyelashes. Latisse® is thought to extend the duration of the eyelash growth cycle, however the exact mechanism of action is not known.

How is Latisse® commonly used?

Latisse® is only approved for the treatment of the eyelashes and should only be applied to the upper eyelash with the applicator. Transfer of the medication occurs to the lower eyelash in the process of blinking.

Latisse in Bay Area

What are
the aftercare instructions for Latisse®?

Other than administering the solution nightly to the upper eyelash, there are no other special instructions while receiving Latisse® treatments.

How is
the Latisse® treatment performed?

Administering Latisse® is quite simple. Patients use disposable applicators to apply a drop of Latisse® to the base of their upper eyelashes only each night before bedtime. Results occur gradually over time and can be seen as early as 4 weeks. However, full results are seen at 16 weeks. Without continued treatment, results will gradually diminish.

What are
the risks

The most common side effects reported with the use of Latisse® are an itching sensation of the eyes an/or eye redness. Many who experienced this found that with continued use and proper application, these side effects resolved. Less common side effects include eyelid skin darkening or redness, eye irritation or dryness, and darkening of the colored portion of the eye.