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Body Lift San Francisco

Understanding the body lift procedure

Patients who have recently undergone significant weight loss, or who have recently received gastric bypass or bariatric surgery may experience discomfort and frustration with the unmanageable excess skin that now drapes the body. While weight loss can be an excellent step forward for one’s health and longevity, one’s outer appearance may still be far from acceptable due to these cumbersome, sagging body folds. Even worse, the extra skin may cause painful chafing, irritation and even infection as it rubs against the body day in and day out. This type of loose skin rarely responds to dieting or exercising, but rather must be surgically removed for the patient to experience relief.

A body lift is a comprehensive cosmetic procedure that can greatly improve your shape, slimming, toning and rejuvenating the torso for a more attractive silhouette. Using advanced techniques in body lifting, Dr. Elyassnia has provided many patients with a boost in self-confidence as well as overall improvement in their quality of life.

A good candidate for the procedure....

  • Suffers from baggy, hanging skin throughout the torso
  • Has undergone weight loss surgery at least nine months to one year prior
  • Is in good physical and mental health, with no major medical issues
  • Does not smoke, or is willing to quit at least one month prior to surgery
  • Has an expectation for improvement in their shape, rather than perfection
Body Lift in San Francisco