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Male Facial Surgery San Francisco

While traditionally cosmetic surgery has been associated with the female gender, today the stigma has lifted and that is no longer the case, as Dr. Elyassnia’s practice welcomes more and more men through its doors. Many men are seeking the same youthful, vital aesthetic that their counterparts have been enjoying for years, pursuing natural-looking results that renew their confidence and social prowess. Facial plastic surgery can help reverse the damaging effects of aging and gravity, tightening sagging, wrinkled skin, refining the features, and giving male patients a new lease on life.

Male facelift

Remaining youthful in the workplace is an important goal for many men, and a facelift can help to achieve this, in the right surgeon’s hands. Dr. Elyassnia provides exquisitely nuanced and organic results that enhance personal attractiveness without telegraphing that a cosmetic procedure has taken place. Subtle, integrated improvement preserves the facial expression while minimizing the flaws of aging.

Male Facial Surgery in San Francisco


While most female rhinoplasty seeks to reduce the nasal hump and refine the tip, male rhinoplasty may instead opt for subtler changes to maintain a more masculine aesthetic. This can be done through cartilage reshaping and grafting, techniques that Dr. Elyassnia excels at. In some cases, a chin implant or augmentation may also be required for comprehensive improvement in the profile.

neck lift

Looking professional often includes wearing a tight-fitting suit and tie, and when the neck area is plagued by unwanted fat and skin, it can be difficult to make the ideal impression. A neck lift can expertly contour the region below the chin, improving the profile and ensuring a better fit for clothing. Often for men, this can be performed through only a short scar under the chin without any skin removal.


While ear surgery is often performed on young children who are potential targets for teasing or bullying at school, many adult men pursue otoplasty in combination with a nose job or other facial surgery in order to comprehensively improve the appearance and mental outlook. The doctor will refine and sculpt the ears, pinning them closer to the head, and shaping the earlobes if necessary while balancing ear symmetry.

Non-surgical facial procedures

Using the most effective and time-tested dermal fillers and injectables, Dr. Elyassnia or our nurse injector, Laura Carlos can create stunning results around the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, temples, forehead and nose, all without resorting to surgery. This option is excellent for those wanting to avoid the longer downtimes and discomfort normally associated with the facelift, browlift or blepharoplasty.