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Neck lift San Francisco


In terms of the negative effects of the aging process, the neck is one of the regions of the body that is hardest hit with wrinkling, sagging and drooping. This can significantly mar an otherwise attractive profile, giving visual signals of aging and weight gain, even as the rest of the body remains fit and trim.

Our neck lift San Francisco is a popular and effective procedure for recontouring and slimming the neck area, frequently performed in tandem with a facelift, blepharoplasty and other facial treatments due to the cost effectiveness and decreased downtime associated with combination approaches. In the hands of a skilled surgeon such as San Francisco-based Dr. Elyassnia, the skin and muscles are rejuvenated, and the neck resumes a more youthful aesthetic.

Who are good candidates for neck lift surgery?

A neck lift can improve your appearance and self-image but it can’t necessarily change your look to meet your ideal. It will make you look younger and fresher but it won’t make you look like a different person. When the results are excellent, those around you will notice that you look better or “rested”, but the reason won’t be clear to them.

All neck lift patients should be in good physical and mental health, and have reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection.

Neck Lift in San Francisco

What is my initial
consultation at Dr. Elyassnia's
office in San Francisco like?

During the first meeting at Dr. Elyassnia’s office in the Bay Area, he will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery while at the same time you will decide if he is right for you.

The consultation starts with a full health history with a focus on any major illnesses especially those that can cause problems during your surgery like uncontrolled high blood pressure. It is important to tell your surgeon if you smoke and if you take any medications, supplements, or other drugs as these can have a big impact on your surgery. An example is aspirin or ibuprofen, which can lead to the formation of a hematoma after your procedure.

During the exam, your surgeon will do a thorough evaluation of your neck with a focus on the specific features that are creating an appearance of aging. Finally, photographs are taken of all patients; these assist with the planning and evaluation of your surgery.

Based on this thorough assessment and a discussion of your goals, the surgeon will describe not only what approach is best for you but also the various alternatives and all of the risks and limitations associated with each of these.

It is very important to listen carefully to the various limitations of each approach and to openly discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Many times a poorly informed patient or surgeon is the direct cause of an unsatisfactory result even when there are no complications with surgery. The surgeon should also go over the details of the procedure including the type of anesthesia used, the facility where surgery will take place, and the costs involved.

At the end of the consultation you may decide to go ahead with neck lift surgery in San Francisco and schedule a date, but if you are unsure or don’t feel fully informed don’t hesitate to ask your doctor any questions. A second meeting may be necessary and should always be available as an option.

What can I expect from the neck lift procedure?

Your neck lift will be performed under general anesthesia, which ensures you are fast asleep and completely comfortable at all times. The process typically takes several hours, depending on the extent of the treatment plan.

Dr. Elyassnia employs advanced techniques for neck lift surgery. Often many neck lifts can be done with only a short incision under the chin. He will discuss the pros and cons of each approach with you during consultation. Regardless of the approach, however, the deepest fat layers in the neck will be excised, which allows preservation of fat under the skin which helps create a smoother, more attractive outcome.

What is the day of neck lift surgery like?

You will need to begin fasting 8 hours prior to your procedure which means you cannot eat or drink anything at all during this period including chewing gum or water. If you have been instructed to take any medications in the morning this is permitted with a few sips of water.

A neck lift is usually done under general anesthesia which means you will are completely asleep and feel nothing during surgery. The surgery takes about 3 to 4 hours but can be longer if additional procedures are performed. Drainage tubes may be placed. Some drains remain in place overnight while others may stay in place until you return for your first postoperative visit. However, no other dressings are necessary.

After surgery, you will stay in the recovery suite until you are ready to go home or to our overnight facility.

What is the recovery process for neck lift surgery?

Surprising to many, there usually isn’t a lot of discomfort after surgery. Significant pain associated with an area of swelling should be reported to your surgeon immediately. In general the swelling will progress over 2-3 days but then begin to improve.

Cold compress does not need to be applied to your neck, but should be applied over the eyes. You should feel pretty good in 1-2 days but it is important to strictly refrain from any strenuous activity for at least the first week after surgery. Patients are encouraged to begin showering with lukewarm water 1-2 days after surgery. Very hot water can be dangerous as parts of the neck are numb for several weeks.

Within the first week, most of the sutures will be removed, although some may remain in place for as much as 2 weeks. Initially, the swelling will distort the way you look but this will improve after 2 weeks.

The majority of people are able to return to work after 2 weeks as bruising has usually resolved but this depends on your job. Makeup may be worn to conceal any bruising or your scars.

You will have to refrain from any exercise for 1 month and heavy exercise for 2 months, although you should be walking around as much as possible after surgery. It will take about 3 months until most of the swelling resolves and you see your true results; however, some areas of your skin may remain firm for 6-9 months. Also, it will take up to a year or longer until all scars fade.

Best Neck Lift San Francisco

It is important to follow up with your surgeon as directed so that any potential complications can be detected and treated early. For the most part these are rare and you will spend most of your time enjoying your new look. If you're looking for the best neck lift San Francisco has, Dr, Elyssnia may be right for you!

A neck lift can produce a much more youthful look but it doesn’t stop the clock. Your neck will continue to age with time, which means you may need another procedure in the future. However after the first procedure, you will always look better at any point in the future than if you’d never had a neck lift at all.